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Hachioji Park, Saturday 4th September
BFC continued their fine start to the season with another clean sheet and a much deserved 3.0 victory over Swiss Kickers. In the words of the referee, “It wasn’t the most beautiful game I’ve ever seen”, but there was still plenty to admire on the pitch - particularly BFC’s dazzling new neon orange, black and white kit. Not everyone was impressed with the new Blackpool image however; “That’s Schoolboy” remarked John Day, when discovering the numbered shorts.

It would be fair to say that BFC started the game in Ian Holloway fashion; creating few decent chances and failing to trouble Swiss Kicker’s young keeper. A different team emerged in the second half with fresh resolve and a newfound determination, and within a matter of seconds they were 1.0 up. Taking the game by the scruff of the neck (and later in the game another man’s testicles), Pablo Pomares won possession in the middle of the park and after several neat interchanges with Takashi Imai the ball found it’s way to danger man Shosuke Yamagishi, who clipped the ball over the onrushing keeper with a neat left foot finish. Shortly after Carlos Aranda made it two with a very South American free kick, somehow lobbing the keeper on his own line from a rather innocuous position, aka Ronaldinho 2002. A fluffed free kick or a moment of magic? I think we all know the answer to that one: Carlos used to play for Paraguay.

Perhaps slightly mentally disturbed by the memory of England’s painful World Cup defeat, fun loving father Pablo Pomares suddenly metamorphosized into a hot headed Wayne Rooney. Irked by a niggling lunge from behind, BFC’s Captain swung a right boot, which unfortunately landed directly between his opponents legs. It was Rooney against Portugal all over again. The man in black reached straight for his pocket and Pabs was sent packing by the ref and nappy changing by his wife. As he left the field in shame, untucking his shirt in disgust and grumbling protestations, the words on his dazzling new kit “Understanding People” sailed ironically in the breeze.

Unfortunately this wasn’t the last of the testicle action. With a one man advantage the Swiss quickly took control of the game and BFC were forced on to the back foot. When their opponents swung in a dangerous corner, courageous Keeper Tomoaki Nishihara powerfully thrust himself towards the ball, punching clear, and colliding brutally with brave defender Brian Doyle. After a good 30 seconds of worrying silence, the defender arose in a slightly bent, awkward posture, his hands firmly clutching his mangled midriff. A kick in the balls was the least Doyle deserved after a commanding display at the back.

Swiss Kickers continued to dominate possession, but with some committed BFC defending, their possession ultimately amounted to nothing more than hopeful punts from distance. After a brief sojourn on the sidelines, Carlos Aranda returned to the field and made an immediate impact, feeding the ball through to speedy two footed forward Shosuke Yamagishi who once again expertedly clipped the ball over the keeper with his right foot and into the back of the net.

All in all, it was a good performance from BFC. The SAS - Shota and Shosuke - were a constant threat up front, and with ex Spurs star “Jay” Bailcove returning at the back, the BFC defence held firm. Some praise must also be given to wideman Duncan Walsh who provided good service - most significantly of all in the form of this match report. Two victories, two clean sheets, surely there won’t be any balls up this seasons, well, of the footballing kind at least. .

Report by Pinky and Diane